Artist Feature: LOSTBOY


Today we are featuring LOSTBOY of Temple City, California – one of the artists featured in the first Shaw Creative Art Collective, available now. Join as LOSTBOY tells us how to create intricate pieces from nothing and shares some sources of art inspiration.

Q: Introduce yourself!
My name is LOSTBOY. I am a 28 year old first generation Korean American queer artist. It’s taken me most of my life to be able to write that sentence down. I diligently create work that touches on themes such as: connections, affirmations, identity, loneliness, the universe, vulnerability, etc. I make lines, I fill space, and I create layers. I heal from those lines. I hope to create room for others to heal in my work. I just recently had my first solo show in Oakland, California at Betti Ono Gallery and currently, I am working on one of my passion projects: a drawing a day for a year illustrating Yoko Ono’s tweets.


Q: Could you describe your process?
I start the morning with a hot cup of coffee. I sit at my desk, pick up a sheet of paper from a pile, and just lift up a pen. I essentially start all of my drawings by doodling. I had a fear back in art school of the “WHITE PAPER”. I know many of us have that fear.. how to start a drawing, how to mess up this pristine material… I realized the only way to put the fear aside is to just do it. Just start with one dot, one line. I don’t sketch out any of my drawings beforehand. I have a general sense of aesthetic that I stick with, and depending on my mood I go either darker or lighter with limited colors (I only use spot colors, for whatever reason black and white seem like a solid pair to me).

I had an art therapist a few years ago who unknowingly opened my pandora’s box or what I like to call my creative treasure box. She simply asked me one day, “How do you fill the void?”. Just one prompt spiraled hours of line work and obsessively filling up large spaces, even large rooms, and it continues to be the most therapeutic method of release even if the themes differ.


When I work, I always have to have some audio in the background. I put on some of my favorites off of Netflix or YouTube Art21 interviews, “Work of Art” (the reality art competition show), “Cutie and the Boxer”, “How to Make a Book with Steidl”, or Tate shots. When my hands get too tired, I sit and scroll through,, or I think it is important to know what other artists are inspired by and these few websites give you a great peek into the creative world.


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
A: “Art is doing.” -Ruth Asawa

Q: Where can we find more of you?
Instagram: @_lostboy_ (daily drawings posted!)

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