Self Publishing Tips: Should You Self Publish?

self-pub-tips A lot of people have this item on their bucket list: Write a book. What stops them?

“I don’t have a publisher!
I don’t know how to use the software.
Where do I even print a book?
Would anybody read it?
This sounds expensive…”

We’re here to help. This is the introduction of a blog series that should have you well on your way to publishing a book on your own.

Should You Self Publish?

You’re probably reading this post because for some reason or another, you’ve decided that the traditional publishing route is not for you. So is self publishing the way to go?

Are you willing to:
– Work hard?
– Be patient?
– Learn new skills?
– Cultivate your audience?
– Take criticism?
– Have realistic expectations?
– Be flexible?
– Be passionate?

If your answers are “yes,” then self publishing might be the answer.

Self Publishing Evolution1

Self publishing has changed dramatically, even over the last several years:

– Self-published books were once looked down upon and assumed to be of low quality.
– Traditional publishers still only accept around 3% of manuscripts, and bestsellers receive the majority of the company’s efforts.
– In 2008, the number of self published books surpassed the number of traditionally published books.
– Average sales are now similar for a self-published and traditionally published book.

Well Known Self Publishers2

Don’t let low quality books taint your perception of self publishing; not all self published books belong in the reject pile. There are many successful authors that have taken this route:

Self-Published Authors
Mark Twain
George Bernard Shaw
Virginia Woolf
Edgar Allan Poe
Rudyard Kipling

Rejected by Traditional Publishers
George Orwell
Dr. Seuss
John Grisham
Jack London
Chicken Soup for the Soul

So what’s stopping you? Self publishing may be just the right choice for your project.

Next, we will talk about developing your book idea.
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